Seeing as its been several months since we have documented anything, I’ve been told to get on it.  Here we go! Our trip from Zion was intended to go thru Bryce Canyon via Hwy. 12.  Unfortunately, we should have planned more time for this portion of the trip as the views would have been stellar […]

Our drive to Zion was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I love being off the grid with long two lanes between us and our destination.  As we drove, the gps told us to remain o n 89 while Waze told us to turn on 89a.  After consulting the map, we actually did […]

Trying to blog this in the car on my tablet wirelessly teathered to my phone…here goes nuthin. After a day of rest at the cabin, we headed back up to the GC to take on the Bright Angel trail. We planned two stops on the trail for 3 miles down and three miles up.  This […]

Looking at the forecast for the two days planned at the Grand Canyon, it looks like we have good weather for the most part.  We settled on biking for day one, cabin day for day two and hiking for day 3.  Zion and camping appear to be in danger of being rained out. We rented […]

We are here enjoying a day off in the rental home.  Our trip to date has been packed with activities and driving getting in as much as we can considering the distance we have travelled so far.  2000 miles and the van is doing great.  Texas and New Mexico greeted us with strong, gusty winds […]

It only took 8 months or so but warmer weather is finally here… We are enjoying the respite from hot and cold with that perfect in between.  No sweat, bugs, poison ivy, or constant AC/Heat.  Just perfect.  Hayden finally got his garden going with some starters we worked on inside and seeds.  Looking forward to […]